Virtual Surface Science Workstation Of Surface Science Software

A LabVIEW-based control system for a surface science experimental station.


We present a software package developed on the LabVIEW platform which controls a synchrotron radiation experimental station for surface science experiments and allows users efficient use of the equipment.

In contrast to other programming environments, LabVIEW offers programmers an effective way of integrating the functions of several real instruments in a virtual instrument. By means of GPlB and serial communication our software controls most of the instruments attached to the experimental station. We developed programs (sub-virtual instruments) that allow interaction with the instruments by means of realistic-looking and -acting control virtual tools (knobs and buttons), which the user can ‘handle’ on the computer screen using the mouse. These ‘virtual panels’ allow simultaneous control of ail the devices involved in a specific experiment, performing sequences of operations in an automated way.