RHEED Software 

 RHEED Imaging Software and RHEED acquisition Software , RHEED Analysis Software along with RHEED Software are built into Surface Science Software. Its fully integrated multitasking analysis software.

RHEED is a technique used to characterize the surface of crystalline materials. RHEED Software and RHEED Acquisition System gather information only from the surface layer of the sample, which distinguishes RHEED from other materials characterization methods that also rely on diffraction of high-energy electrons. Transmission electron microscopy, another common electron diffraction method samples the bulk of the sample due to the geometry of the system. Low-energy electron diffraction (LEED) is also surface sensitive, but LEED achieves surface sensitivity through the use of low energy electrons. RHEED Software along with RHEED Gun Controller makes the best software in the world. RHEED Acquisition system provides powerful RHEED analysis like fast Fourier, Lorentzian and other techniques.

RHEED Imaging Software

Real-time Image display, single or multiple frames capture. 

Frame averaging and integration supported in all modes 

Dynamic adjustment  of brightness and contrast 

Enhance by background subtraction and contrast stretching (linear or non- linear) 

Images exported as standard bitmaps 

Capture movies to hard disks ( up to 10fps) 

Movies can be analysed later using all features of low energy electron diffraction express low energy electron diffraction imaging or low energy electron diffraction Office

RHEED Oscillations Software

RHEED Oscillations, intensity and up to 18 spot positions 

 Play back RHEED Oscillations through movie feature 

RHEED Oscillation Spot tracking variable retention intensity 

RHEED Oscillation Software & Fast Fourier Transform power spectrum and Alternative grow rate calculation 

Data saved as text file

RHEED Acquisition System

Rheed acquisition system works with any CCIR standard camera.

Rheed analysis software for Rheed acquisition can use On-camera integration option using USB.

Rheed Analysis System allows area scan from Digital Camera or analogue camera. 

RHEED Software Options

Rheed Acquisition System
CCIR Camera and Time integration module
Customised software
Digital 10,12 bit camera
Firewire camera
Area Scan from Digital Camera 

rheed image one
rheed image 2

RHEED Pattern Interpretation Software
Streak Spacing

Rheed Analysis System for live display of streak spacing
Play back streak spacing through movie feature
Peak fitting (Lorentzian, Gaussian and Voigt) with Rheed Analysis System

RHEED Pattern Interpretation Software
Spots and Profiles

Multiple dynamic line profiles in any direction
Real time line profiles with Rheed Analysis Software
Manual or automatic spot and line management
Saturated spot diffusion with Rheed Acquisition System
Profile smoothing and fitting with Rheed Analysis Software

Plans of RHEED

We have predefined plans as per the demands of the customers. If you want to get it customized as per your needs then drop a mail on enquiry@surfacesciencesoftware.com