LEED Auger Electron Spectroscopy

 LEED Imaging software, LEED Data Acquisition Software and LEED Analysis Software. Fully integrated multitasking LEED IV Software.

The Low Energy Electron Diffraction experiment uses a beam of electrons of a well-defined low energy (typically in the range 20 – 200 eV) incident normally on the sample. The sample itself must be a single crystal with a well-ordered surface structure in order to generate a back-scattered electron diffraction pattern.

LEED Imaging Software

Real-time image display, Single or multiple frames capture.
Frame averaging and integration supported in all modes.
Dynamic adjustment of brightness and contrast.
Enhancement by background subtraction and contrast stretching (linear or non-linear).
Images exported as standard bitmaps.
Capture movies to hard disk (up to 10fps).
Movies can be analysed later using all features of Low Energy Electron Diffraction express, LEED Imaging or LEED Office.

LEED IV Intensity Vs Energy I(V) Measurements

Real-time display LEED IV of intensity and up to 18 spot positions.
Record I(V) movie, measurements through movie features.
Spot tracking manual, automatic and Template with variable retention intensity.
R-Factor Analysis for crystal alignment.
Average I(V) spectra.

leed image two

LEED IV Analysis Spots and Profiles

Multiple dynamic line profiles in any direction. 
Real-time line profiles.
Manual or automatic spot and line management. 
Saturated spot diffusion. 
Automatic calculation of spot size. 
Peak locking on spot and Auto default size of spot. 

LEED Imaging Software

Works with any CCIR standard camera. 
On-camera integration option using Cohu 4910 camera. 
Sync correction for VCRs. 
Wide range of black and white level adjustment. 
512X512 area from CCIR 768X576 frame. 

LEED Energy and Target Current
LEED Data Acquisition Software

Energy control 0-10V for 0eV to 1000eV(Programmable).
Target current and External input measurements.

LEED Data Acquisition Software Options

CCIR Camera and Time integration module.
Customised software.

LEED IT Intensity Vs Time I(t) Measurements

Live display of time analysis.
Playback I(t) measurements through movie feature.